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My Assessments

This page shows all the assessments you have been given.

Open Assessments

This list contains all the assessments that you can currently take.

Open Assessments

To begin an assessment, simply click it's Take Assessment button.

Finished Assessments

This list contains all the assessments that have submitted marks for, or which are now closed (i.e. The deadline has passed).

If you took an assessment and submitted marks, then it will be marked COMPLETED. If you failed to take the assessment, it will be marked DID NOT SUBMIT. Failure to take an assessment may mean you are penalised when the peer-assessment marks are calculated.

Finished Assessments

Some assessments, such as the first in this screenshot, allow you to view feedback on your performance. Your tutor can decide whether an assessment provides feedback or not.

The view feedback link will only appear once the assessment's deadline has passed.

There is more information on the feedback later in this tour.

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