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Taking An Assessment

When taking an assessment you will be presented with a screen like the following:

Taking an assessment

The Assessment Screen

At the top of the page is a link back to your assessments list. Clicking this link will cancel the assessment and return you to that screen. Any marks you entered will be forgotten, and you can always come back and take the assessment again until the closing deadline!

Next comes a couple of lines of text explaining how the assessments work. You must enter a mark for every member of your team, including yourself. If you have missed some marks out, you will receive a warning when you try to submit the assessment.

The next block is the introductory text written by your lecturer. This will contain any further instructions or reminders relating to your assessment. This text is optional, so some assessments may not use it.

Marking your team mates

The rest of the screen is largely taken up with the assessment form. This form will be broken down into different assessment criteria, which will examine certain aspects of your group's performance, and the key skills you should have employed.

Each criteria on your assessment will look something like this:

Individual criteria

The line in bold is the name of the criterion or skill being assessed. In this case, it's Leadership and/or Organisation.

Below the name, there may be a description of this criterion, to better help you gauge what is being assessed. This description is optional, so as with this example, it may not appear.

Next come the descriptions of what the different scores mean. Different academics may use different marking schemes, so these scores and their descriptions may vary. They are optional, but you should always read them for clarification of how to score the criterion. In this example, only the top and bottom scores have been explained.

Finally, there is the marking area. Each member of your team, including you, has their own row. Across the top are the different scores you can allocate for this critieria. For every member of your team, click the appropriate radio-button to assign them their mark.

Typically, the scoring range will be something like 1 to 5, but again, your lecturer may have chosen a different range.

You repeat the marking process for every member and for every criterion or skill. You must give everyone a mark for your scores to be accepted.

When you have completed the assessment and are ready to submit, click the save marks button.

You will receive an on-screen confirmation of your submission, and can then return to the assessments list.

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