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One option your lecturer can select is for you to receive feedback on your performance. If feedback is available for a particular assessment, you will see a view feedback link next to it in your My Assessments list. The feedback link will only be appear once the deadline for submissions has passed.

When you view the feedback, you will see something like the following:

Assessment feedback

The system compares the marks you received, with those received by your team mates and reports on your performance. This feedback is purely descriptive. If you want the actual grade you received, you should contact your lecturer.

For each criterion, you will be described as being:

  • Above Average - You scored significantly higher in this section than your team average.
  • About Average - You scored pretty much the same as your team average.
  • Below Average - You scored significantly lower than your team average.

By reflecting on your performance, you should be able to identify areas where you may be weaker, and work on improving them.

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